Happy Christmas And Musical New Year!

We had a lovely festive play for the Barnes Christmas Fair at Tideway Yard, 10th December - then were so disappointed to have to cancel St Michael's inspiring event because of Omicron-Covid.  We're back rehearsing on Tuesday 11th Jan, when we'll be preparing for Barnes Music Festival (date is Sunday March 6th at 3pm, St Mary's - keep checking our concerts page ).  Bravo Daryle - you've chosen some wonderful music - below are the details! 

The Olympic Spirit                                          John Williams                         

Portrait of a City – Skyline, Autumn, Downtown                                            Philip Sparke              


Divertimento for Flute                                   Alfred Reed                            

Soloist Frances Hall

A String of Pearls                                            arr Iwai                       

BCB March                                                      Alistair Wheeler                     

The Watermill   (Soloist Stephanie Nunn)              Ronald Binge                          

Tico Tico                                                          arr Iwai                                   

Just as You Are                                               Rob Wiffin                  


West Side Story                                              Leonard Bernstein arr. Duthoit

A Symphonic Wind Band Playing In South West London

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