Summer 2020

Dear Band Members – we enjoyed a wonderful Zoom trip to the Desert Island, huge thanks to Fiona for hosting.     So, here we capture your Music that has Meaning – keep sending us details of your favourite Disc!
Daryle (MD):  In The Mood, played by the RAF Squadronnaires:
Clive (Trombone):  After many years of playing this music:  he’s enjoying the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s trombones playing Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’ over Zoom #RPOatHome
Fran (Flute):  “I really enjoyed our Desert Island Discs tonight! Here’s the song I played, with added overture too, from the musical “Curtains”. The “wide open spaces” song is from the musical within the musical that starts out terrible but ends up being very successful after the detective solving the murder steps in… honestly highly recommend the whole soundtrack!
Charlotte (Clarinet):  sent us Skid Row (Downtown) – Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway recording).  She explains:  “Like Fran I’ve played in a fair few musical bands (though not 20 like her!) but Little Shop of Horrors in my third year at university was when I got to be co-musical director of a production and it’s an amazing memory for me and taught me a lot about working as a team, leadership and musicality. Also I just thought the music was brilliant, especially the doo-wop style bits and the mix of other styles thrown in eg klezmer for one song. But this one is probably my favourite. Also I think LSOH is a slightly underrated musical!”
Barbara (Trombone):  told us of her fascinating work, and personal, time in Uganda and shared this truly inspiring music:  
Liz (Flute): is reduced to jelly every time she hears this tribute to Carole King at the Kennedy Center in 2015 – in the presence of Barack and Michelle Obama .  “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman” – performed by the one-and-only Aretha Franklin.
Gemma (Clarinet):  a personal family memory of the beautiful Irish melody “I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls”
Whether you were at the Zoom or not, do keep sending us details of your favourite track and tell us what it means to you!
We’ve asked that members, if they wish, send us their thoughts and reflections at this time, and/or perhaps a profile of you and your playing experience?  We’re delighted that our Principal Trombone, and veteran Band Member, Clive Preston, has accepted the challenge.  Here’s his wonderful article, “A Conflict of Interests” comparing the pull of sporting and musical loyalties – which will win?
Please take a look at the posts below – Daryle’s new pdfs of music for our comeback concert, whenever that is, plus advice on practising.  Then, below that, we’ve also included a password-protected link to our library catalogue.  Susie has already shared the password for these – contact her via the band email if you need a reminder.
We now know our summer concerts are cancelled – the Committee are discussing ideas for the future.  It’s very challenging, but we’re  thinking hard about how,  and when, We’ll Meet Again …… (RIP, Dame Vera ….)

A Symphonic Wind Band Playing In South West London

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